1. Buy Women Sunglasses from GBO

    Rock Any Look with Women Sunglasses

    Women's sunglasses are essential accessories, not only because they look incredible but because they protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Treat yourself to fashionable women's sunglasses from GBO to add to your collection. Browse offerings from top brands like Ray-Ban, Olvin, Allen Solly, and Concepts. Love how they accessorise outfits. Our amazing selection will definitely cater to your taste!

    Colours, Colours Galore!

    Infuse a burst of colour to your look with chic and peppy women's sunglasses. Choose from fantastic aviator sunglasses for women in red, blue, green, and purple. Danny Daze and Roadster's creations shouldn't be missed. The vibrant shades are perfect for wearing with plain white T-shirts, jeans, and funky shoes. Get trendy women's sunglasses to match outfits such as one with sunny yellow frames or statement orange-tinted aviato

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  2. Buy Perfumes For Women at GBO

    'A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.' - Christian Dior

    It is said that you are never fully dressed without perfume. Your perfume is not only a finishing touch to your look, but also an important part of your identity. It is the one thing that catches the attention of the people around you, and it is a highlight of your personality that stays in the memories of people for long after you've met them. Your fragrance speaks a lot about your personality without you having to say anything. It makes you unforgettable and etches you in people's minds permanently. This is why it is extremely necessary that you choose the right fragrance for yourself from GBO.

    Choosing the right perfume

    The right perfume for a woman is the one which you feel would be an apt representation of her. Dewy, strong, rosy, flowery, or Aquafresh - Yo

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  3. Buy Makeup Products at GBO


    Nobody is born with a perfect face but everyone is blessed with attractive features, waiting to be revealed. At GBO we bring you the best of makeup online, featuring a wide range of personal care products of high quality. Hide your blemishes and flaws to create a smooth, healthy skin surface. Add colours to contour your face to achieve an attractive look. Highlight your best features with products that enhance them. The sky is the limit when it comes to transforming your face to reveal the kind of look you prefer.


    Cute, sassy, smart, sharp - the options are unlimited when it comes to the different looks that you can create with our top-notch makeup brands. From eyes and eyebrows to che

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  4. Buy Home Decor Accessories From GBO


    Do we not all dream of a clean, beautifully done up home? We lead busy lives where it is almost impossible to keep a tab on everything, organize and declutter our homes every so often. So, what do we do when we need quick fixes that will help speed up the whole process? We find stunning home decor items that are as functional as they are great-looking. We sort and organize all our things for a neat and tidy, yet quirky and cute look.

    We at GBO believe that it is very easy to let your bathroom overflow with things that are both essential as well as not so necessary. A hectic lifestyle can get the better of you, and you may not even realize when it gets that way. This is why we now bring to you our all-new bathroom accessories selection. We give you the power to do up your restrooms exactly the way you please, all with the added advantage of organization. Shop for a ba

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  5. Buy Your Favourite Dresses Online from GBO

    No matter your style preference, we guarantee that you will find the perfect dress at GBO. Check out the vast collection of casual, ethnic, formal, and party wear dresses at GBO and avail exciting discounts when you shop from us.

    Dresses for more comfort during pregnancy

    Maternity wear has become chic in recent years, and dresses are a welcome addition to the maternity wear range. These dresses are designed, keeping the expecting mother’s needs in mind and are very comfortable. Also, the designs are trendy, which makes them an excellent choice for different occasions


    Formal dresses for an office presentation/Interview

    Formal dresses are styled for corporate wear and are very much in vogue. They display an understated elegance and are perfect for any formal event such as an interview, meeting with clients or an official pres

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  6. Buy Dresses for women at GBO

    Eternally Stylish Dresses

    Whether you are 13 or 30, one thing all women can agree on is that dresses are an essential part of our wardrobe. Dresses have a unique appeal that can rarely be recreated by any other outfit. From vintage flower dresses to modern bodycon dresses, the styles have varied over the years.

    The history of dresses dates back to centuries ago when they were designed with puffy sleeves with crinolines under the skirt. Now you can find a variety of dresses from pretty prom dresses to trendy club dresses. GBO has choices galore when it comes to dressing for girls and women. Explore the expansive range of women at GBO from premium brands.

    Types of dresses

    There is a dress for every occasion and season. Listed below are some of the popular types of dresses categorized based on di

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  7. Buy Men’s Kurtas from GBO


    Kurtas have been traditional garments of both men and women living in the Indian sub-continent, since ancient times. In the 19th century, simple kurtas for men were widely used by poets, artists and scholars. Cotton was the most popular fabric, suitable for the Indian heat. Silk kurtas were used for festive occasions and by people from wealthy backgrounds. In the 1960s and '70s, loose kurtas became part of a young hippie movement.

    Today, gents' kurtas are considered to be versatile garments, suitable for daily wear as much as for formal and informal events. GBO brings you the best price kurtas for men. Browse through our range of stylish men's designer kurtas online. Take home as many affordable varieties as you like.


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  8. Buy Ladies Watches from GBO

    Shop for Classy and Stylish Ladies’ Watches at GBO

    A watch is an accessory that makes you look smart and professional. Just like belts, this is loved by both men and women. Women love wearing a watch that has an elegant and contemporary design. Today’s modern woman cannot leave for office without wearing a chic watch. Ladies' watches are available in various designs. Watches for girls are made of various materials such as metal, leather, and plastic.

    Types of ladies' watches

    If you are looking for an appropriate place to buy women watches, you must check out the classy and stylish watches at GBO. We have branded watches with exquisite designs. You can find beautiful gold and silver watches. There are various types of watches for women such as casual

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  9. Be Sporty with GBO’s Kurti

    Be summer-ready with a fashionable cotton kurti and kickstart your summer being sporty. Kurti is the perfect attire of choice for women living in a sunkissed tropical country like Bangladesh. Don’t let that fuming sun take away the fun. If you’re looking for something magnificent and lenient simultaneously, we are right here. Grande Boulevard Online has made a rendezvous of some magnificent designer kurtis to ensure your comfort while making you look absolutely celestial. Where smoothies and sodas are to comfort you this summer, outfits made from comfortable and breathable fabrics are there to soothe your body. So this summer, choose something grandiose with fashion that’s cool and comfortable from GBO’s huge collection. Stay serene in this Summer: Keeping the hot and moist weather of our country in consideration GBO has finely chosen the indisputably expert designers who work with the lightest and breezy fabrics and design every piece of kurti very caringly. These are very easy to

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  10. Skincare in the Time of Corona with GBO

    We all are in lockdown for a long time, once again. The beauty parlors and salons are shut, our pressure of housework has been increased, our everyday schedule has been changed, and our food habits are also not the same at this point. Thus, all these are affecting our emotions, our minds as well as on our bodies and our skin also. To keep away from the effect on the skin we can add some basic care to our everyday schedule and we can get our shine back. While we are trying to get used to a new normal life it is easy to get bored and exhausted. We needed to rearrange our daily schedule, including our skin and hair care. Staying at home has given us an abundant opportunity to gear up our skincare routine and give some time and consideration to it.

    Keep Calm and Cleanse:Even though we are home all day also not exposed to unc

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